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Piccata Swiss Chard

Piccata is a method of cooking. It is traditionally prepared with veal but a common variant is chicken piccata. The meat is sliced, coated with flour, sauteed and served in sauce (wiki). To be honest, I did not know what piccata is and wondered what it is. When I first say the picture and read…


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Sauteed Collard Greens with Pepperoni

I usually try to cook leafy vegetables as often as possible and it is usually a stir fry with spinach and occasionally swiss chards. Lately I have also started making dal with kale, swiss chards and purslane, at least once or twice a month. When I saw sauteed collard greens with pepperoni recipe in Food…


Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce & Ricotta

Farfalle with Fresh Tomato Sauce & Ricotta Cheese

Last week when I posted curried spaghetti salad, Mir left a comment that October is National Pasta Month. I didn’t know that then. To celebrate the event, I am posting a pasta recipe I prepaed with fresh tomato sauce I prepared last month. This is a quick and easy recipe that can be put together…


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Crunchy Sweet Corn Salad with Buttermilk Dressing

Next recipe from Food52 contest winners is a summer salad. As soon as I saw this salad I bookmarked it without even reading the full recipe. I like anything with corn and bookmark it right away. When I started preparing the salad I realized fresh uncooked corn is used. I never used fresh uncooked corn…


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Roasted Cauliflower with Gremolata Bread

My theme for this week’s blogging marathon #57 is cooking Food52 contest winning recipes. I need only three recipes but I have already cooked four recipes & have bookmarked few more 😊. I also own Food52 cookbook & have made this from the book. Thanks, Mir for suggesting this theme. Excuse the picture quality of…


Curried Spaghatti 3 sq

Curried Spaghetti Salad

Today’s recipe is from a cookbook “Spaghetti, America’s favorite pasta”. This book has ‘n’ number of ways spaghetti can be cooked and various ways it can be served. One such way is to serve it is as a salad; cooked spaghetti tossed with flavored oil. Garlic, chili flakes and curry powder are roasted in hot…


Egg Curry 2

Egg Curry ~ Kodi Guddu Kura

For the third and final day of side dishes, I have an easy egg curry with tomatoes and onion. I do not follow a specific recipe for the egg curry and throw in whatever I see in my spice cabinet depending on my mood. The recipe below is the basic recipe I follow. Sometimes I…