My new love affair! and a Salad

Chickpeas salad with lemon vinaigrette is a hearty, vegan salad. It is a quick one to fix serve it as a side or a main dish. It all started nine months ago!  I met him last year, fell head over heals in love with him  and have been having an affair ever since.   This […]

Paneer Bhurji

The last time I made some homemade panner, I used only half of it for my Paneer Tikka and the other half was sitting in the fridge, waiting helplessly to be consumed. I went ahead and made Paneer Bhurji with it. This Bhurji looks and tastes like scrambled egg, not quite but very close.  I […]

Lentils Vegetable Soup

Back in November, I was looking at EC’s light meals round-up and Sayantani’s soup caught my eye. I hopped over to her blog to check out the recipe. The recipe looked simple and very tempting. It had lots of vegetables and lentils and looked light. I bookmarked the recipe and was looking for a perfect […]

Paneer Tikka Kebab

Last month, I participated in an online recipe contest in one of the communities of a social networking site.  The theme for the contest was to prepare Indian food with three colors of the India flag.  We had an option of using food colors.  I chose to use natural ingredients and my entry was Paneer […]

Indian Cooking Challenge – Khasta Kachori

Last summer, Srivalli challenged us all to cook authentic Indian food and named the challenge Indian Cooking Challenge (ICC). Some of you took up the challenge and are cooking along with her every month. I was pre-occupied and busy traveling to UK and later to India, when Srivalli announced the challenge. I did not pay much attention […]

Chicken Pulao

When growing up, one pot meat and rice dish was always Biryani and one pot vegetables and rice dish was Pulao or Bagara.   Back then, I did not acquire a taste for mutton and hence, it was always Chicken Biryani.  My aunts used to prepare Chicken Pulao but for some reason, it was never […]

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