Flavored Brown Rice

As I mentioned in my last post, I am beginning to fall in love vangibath powder. I made this powder few days ago and used it in to prepare flavored brown rice. The outcome was one delicious brown rice! I actually made it for lunch last Thursday  and loved it a lot. I wanted U […]

Vangibath Powder

During the 7 day marathon, Harini’s theme was rice varieties and she used vangibath powder in 2 or 3 rice varieties that she prepared. Couple of other bloggers also used it in their rice dish. I was surprised to see the versatility of the powder. Vangibath is a rice preparation made with brinjals or eggplant […]

Day 7 – Bone Soup ~ Bone Chaaru

Today is the last day of this marathon and I am probably the last one to post my recipe 😮  It was fun doing this 7 day marathon and looking forward to doing it more often.  Thanks Srivalli for coordinating this marathon!  The seventh  starter for this virtual party is bokka (bone) chaaru or bone […]

Day 6 – Falafel

Today’s starter is falafel, a famous street food from the middle east. Falafel are chickpeas and/or fava beans fritters which are served in a pita bread, with a salad or served as it is as a snack. I made these for the first time  and Srivalli was my inspiration for this preparation. For the past […]

Day 5 – Sweet Corn Pakoda ~ Sweet Corn Fritters

Couple of years ago when I was in India, I visited an aunt. Her maid or helper in the kitchen made yummy pakodas and she kept on asking us how it tasted over and over again. We thought that was a little strange. My aunt then told us the reason. She, the helper saw these […]

Day 4 – Spicy Sauteed Sausages

Spicy sautéed sausages is U’s uncle’s signature recipe. Whenever he visits us and rest of the family in the US, he makes it at least once at each and every nephew and niece he visits and kids love it! Poor athamma (aunt) does all the cutting, sautéing, clean up after the cooking and mamayya gets […]

Day 3 – Fish Cutlet

As promised, today I am serving fish cutlet, a non veg starter.  Since I already posted fish patties recipe, I chose fish cutlet. I like both the patties and the cutlets but prefer the cutlets over patties.  This recipe is little time consume and I don’t make it very often but it is worth the […]

Day 2 – Mushroom Bruschetta and Sandwich

I wanted to make bruschetta with a french baguette.  It was extremely cold yesterday and could not get myself to walk down to the store to pick up a loaf.  So, I used regular sandwich bread that I had in my pantry.   Since I used regular bread, I was in a dilemma weather to name […]

Mini Marathon & White Bean Dip With Pita Chips

I am on a blogging marathon again, starting today.  This is a mini marathon, a week long marathon, Feb 9th – Feb 15th, with a theme.  My theme is starters and enjoy a virtual cocktail party, minus the cocktails, here at MySpicyKitchen and hop over to my blogging buddies for the main course and desserts!  […]

Sweet Punch: Blueberry Cake With Spiced Apple Syrup

This month’s sweet punch is black currant cake slices with spiced apple syrup.   I did not have sufficient time to shop around for fresh black currants hence substituted it with blueberries.   I assumed we need to use fresh currants and substituted it with blueberries.   Looks like I was suppose to use dry currants (raisins).  […]

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