Black & White Wednesdays Week # 38 Gallery

I would like to thank Susan for giving me the opportunity to host & put up the gallery for Black & White Wednesdays # 38. We have 13 bloggers participating in this weeks gallery. Without further delay, I present to you the B&WW #38 gallery. Old style Bread Cinzia – Cindystar Food corner for nostalgic […]

V8 Rasam

Rasam or chaaru is a South Indian soup served with rice. I am concluding my blogging marathon # 17 with a healthy V8 rasam. Rasams are one of my favorite Indian comfort food and it tastes amazing when served with hot rice. It also makes an excellent soup when mildly spiced. There are many types […]

Black & White Wednesday # 38 – Announcement

I am guest hosting Black & White Wednesday (B&WW) for the week # 38. B&WW is a culinary photo event started by Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook. When Susan started the event, it was a Wednesday event and we all use to put our B&W pictures on Wednesday. Couple of months ago, she changed the […]

Oats Pulihora

When I decided to do “cooking with store bought mixes”, all I could think of was desserts and sweets; brownies, cakes, trifle pudding and if these were not enough, I went and picked up sheer kurma mix and vermicelli pudding mix from the Indian store. I told myself I was not going to do more […]

Melon Salad

It has been raining all day today and it was definitely not a salad kind of a day. I wanted to make a nice hot soup instead. Since I have to stick to my theme, I made this quick salad. I usually like my melons unseasoned and when growing up, I use to add some […]

Mango and Corn Salad

I love corn and can eat it in any form; grilled corn on the cob, boiled corn on the cob, roasted corn kernels, sautéed corn kernel, corn salad, corn fritters, corn vada… you get the idea! Of all the corn varieties of food, grilled corn on the cob with chili garlic butter sauce being my […]

Pasta Salad

Blogging marathon # 17 started last week with a new format. In this new format, anyone participating in a marathon has to blog for at least two weeks, three days in a row, every week. I did not participate last week but will be participating this week and next week. Unlike previous editions, in this […]

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