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Lightroom – How to Export Images

After editing images in Lightroom (LR), it is time to share the images either online or print the images. Today’s tutorial is about exporting images to share online or for printing. Before getting into today’s topic, here are the tutorials from the last two days. Day 1: Introduction to Lightroom – Library Module & Develop…


Behind the scene shots - Floor shot 2

Food Photography – Lighting

Before I get to today’s topic, let me apologize for posting late. I was busy the last 2-3 days and could not update the blog. For the day two of “behind the scenes of my food pictures”, I had planned to do food styling but I do not have all the pictures for the post.…


Aparna's Food Exercise,

Food Photography Exercise: One Ingredient

I usually do not take pictures of ingredients; spices, lentils, vegetables etc. before cooking. I focus more on finished dish and sometimes step by step photos of the preparation and seldom consider photographing raw food. This month, Aprana challenged us to photograph raw food and make them the stars. This is Aparna’s 4th in the…