S&S Bake: Cranberry Pecan White Chocolate Cookies

It feels like just yesterday when I was munching on last month’s snow flecked brownies, which were helplessly sitting on my dining table for 2 weeks, waiting for me to finish them and it is already time for the next bake. Unlike last couple of bakes, I baked this month’s Sweet & Simple Bake when […]

Vegetable Dum Biryani

Biryani is one of my favorite one pot meals. I usually make non-veg biryani and when it comes to vegetable biryani, it is always Vegetable Pulao or Vegetable Bagara. For some reason, I am obsessed with kaccha (raw) biryani, where the meats & rice are cooked together in layers. I wanted to replicate the same […]

Spinach Raita

A typical South Indian meal, to be more precious, an Andhra meal, ends with a bowl of yogurt or yogurt rice. But in my house, there are days when yogurt doesn’t even make it to the dinning table, as both of us are not very fond of it. I don’t drink tea, coffee and am […]

The BloggerAid Cook Book

BloggerAid – Changing the Face of Famine, is a group of international bloggers who have come together to fight famine word wide. Their first initiative was the cook book project, where they collected recipes from fellow bloggers and published a cook book. That cook book is The BloggerAid Cook Book, which was recently published and […]

S&S Bake: Snow Flecked Brownies

This month’s Sweet & Simple Bake is Snow Flecked Brownies.  I am a chocoholic and ever since I saw the bake for this month, I was eager to bake it.  However, I was preoccupied with other stuff and could not bake it until this afternoon.  Even today, when I woke up this morning, I was […]

S&S Bake: White Chocolate and Orange Cookies

It is the beginning of the month and time for yet another Sweet & Simple Bake.  This time is White Chocolate and Orange Cookies.  I followed the recipe as given and presenting you chocolate orange cookies right out of the oven.  I made them this evening. The Original Recipe is here and I followed it […]

Lime Juice Pickle

Nine months ago, when I went to India, mom had made this lime juice pickle/chutney. She use to prepare it very often when we were growing up had not made it in recent years. Usually amma makes it in small quantities as it is so easy and can be prepared whenever required, as limes are […]

S&S Bake: St Clements Drizzle Cake

Hello, everyone! I have been stranger to the blogosphere lately… 🙁 I was in India for 5 weeks and got back end of August. Since then, I was a little busy with guests and also a bit lazy to blog…. 😛 Today I am here with this month’s (month of September) Sweet & Simple Bake: […]

My Breakfast…

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day yet, that is the most neglect meal in my house.  U skips his breakfast most of the time and I munch on whatever I find in the fridge or the pantry and eat an early lunch.  Whenever he eats breakfast at home, I make roties with […]

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