Oatmeal & Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is my second recipe from the Sweet and Simple Bakes. Every month, Rosie and Maria give a recipe and we need to bake it by the first of next month and post it on our blog. I baked their Vanilla Apple Cake, which was simply delicious and this month it is Oatmeal and Chocolate […]

Savory Corn Muffins

One day, as I was blog hopping, I stumbled on to Dorie’s Savory Corn and Pepper Muffins recipe. The recipe looked interesting and the muffins looked delicious. I bought all the ingredients to bake the muffins and then I saw Suganya’s Spicy Corn Muffins. Her recipe yields 6 muffins, which was perfect and also this […]

Wish you all a Happy Ugadi!!!

Wish you all a Happy Ugadi and a Happy New Year to everyone who celebrates it today, according to the hindu lunisolar calendar.  After coming to the USA, I have not celebrate Ugadi in a long time.  I normally do not do anything special for Ugadi, like the other festivals. For me it is like […]

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