Cabbage Pachadi

This Cabbage Thuvayal or Cabbage Chutney or Cabbage Pachadi is a tried and tasted recipe from The Singing Chef. This month, her blog is the featured blog on Tried and Tasted, hosted by Divya, an event started by Zlamushka.  When I saw the event announcement, I had bookmarked baked stuffed chilies from Raaga’s blog. I […]

Rasam ~ Chaaru

Rasam or Chaaru is one of my favorite Indian Soups.  Chaaru is usually served with rice and is a perfect comfort food in cold, winter weathers.  I for one, don’t mind eating it anytime of the year!  I am so fond of chaaru that when growing up, whenever I visited my aunt, she would prepare […]

Kheema Palak ~ Ground Meat & Spinach Fry

Spinach is one of very few vegetables that we both like and I cook it at least once a week.  I usually stir fry spinach, just like the green chard fry that I blogged about a while back.  Sometimes, I also make  spinach raita.  But the last time I cooked spinach, I added some kheema […]

Tilapia Steamed in Mustard Yogurt Sauce

Last month, I made Ina Garten’s  Tuscan Lemon Chicken from Food Network. I wanted to try this recipe for quite some time and U was very reluctant. One fine day he gave in! To our surprise, the recipe turned out awesome! It tasted like a rotisserie chicken but very tender and juicy.  Since then, he […]

Instant Cream of Wheat with Nuts

This morning I got up early and as it is weekend,  U woke up late.  We had an early dinner last night and my stomach was rumbling non stop.  I could not wait for U to wake up any long and made myself some nutty instant cream of wheat for breakfast.  Later, when U woke […]

Idli & Peanuts Chutney

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day yet, that is the most neglected in my house. U doesn’t eat breakfast and I just munch on some junk. Lately, instant oatmeal and cream of wheat have become my saviors. They have become my favorite, not for their taste but for the ease of fixing […]

Indian Cooking Challenge: Ariselu

This month’s Indian Cooking Challenge is ariselu.  Ariselu are a sweet dish prepared mostly during festivals and special occasions.  I never prepared ariselu before and would not even have attempted, but for the challenge.  Thank you Srivalli for choosing this for this month’s challenge. Ariselu are prepared by making a dough using rice flour and […]

Rasam Powder

When I started blogging couple of years ago, everyone in the food blogoshpere talked about Pedatha’s Cookbook.  That was the first time I heard about the book.  Since everyone was talking about it, I went a head and bought myself a copy of Cooking at Home with Pedatha.   This book is a collection of […]

Brinjal Raita

Couple of years ago when my cousins visited us, their acquaintance  invited us for dinner.    It was a delicious dinner and on the menu was brinjal raita.  It was outrageously delicious!  It was the first time I ever tasted it and was awesome.  Ever since, I wanted to try it and unfortunately I did […]

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