BM#3 Day 3: Ham Salad

One of the most difficult part of cooking is deciding the menu. Every day, the big question is what do I cook? Like most of the days, yesterday I was asking myself the same question over and over again, and could not decide on anything. I did not want to cook chicken or fish, as […]

BM#3 Day 2: Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast

Last week, as I was blog hopping I came across this post and it inspired me to make this chicken. I did not follow her recipe. I am not very fond of the chicken we get here in the US and especially the boneless breast pieces. I prefer boned pieces to the boneless pieces. I […]

BM#3 Day 1: Carrot Pulihora ~ Carrot Rice

Carrot pulihora is a South Indian rice preparation with grated carrots and lime/lemon juice. Hello dear readers, are you ready for another marathon, the third one this year? Blogging Marathon # 3 starts today and just like last time we have a theme. This time I chose ongoing events.  All the recipes I post during […]

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