Indian Cooking Challenge: Vatteppam

ICC recipe for the month of March is Vatteppam, steamed rice cake/pudding from Kerala. Shn was kind enough to let us use her recipe for this challenge. The recipe was lengthy and looked complicated but I knew right away, it would not be as complicated as it appeared to be and I was right!  I […]

Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut squash is a winter squash and tastes like a pumpkin. I bought it few days ago to make soup but was lazy to cut it. It has a very thick skin and is a little difficult to peel and remove the skin. Couple of days ago, my local grocer sold cut butternut squash and […]

Green Soup

This Monday, group 2 started their blogging marathon. I am joining them in the marathon for couple days, today and tomorrow, sticking to my soups theme. Today’s soup is green soup which I made cooking spinach, green peas, celery and cabbage in some stock, and then pureed it. Green vegetables give this soup a nice […]

BM#4 Day 7 – Homemade Vegetable Stock

I can’t believe today is the last day of the marathon! Last 6 days, I have been posting soup recipes and I have used homemade vegetable stock in 5 out 6 recipes that I have posted. I thought I should share the recipe for homemade stock as I have used it in almost all the […]

Stuffed Okra ~ Masala Bhendi

My neighbors back home are from Uttar Pradesh, a northern state of India and migrated to Hyderabad, capital city of a southern state of Andhra Pradesh, 5 decades ago. They are family friends of my paternal family. Their family was big, seven children and the youngest child S was my classmate. We went to same […]

BM#4 Day 6: Turkey Dumpling Soup

I made some turkey kofta curry Thursday night and kept aside some turkey meat to make this soup yesterday. I was in no mood to make the dumpling soup yesterday and this was our lunch this afternoon. This recipe is adapted from Rachael Rays Hungarian Dumpling soup. I made this soup couple of times in […]

Tandoori Tofu Pizza for the Punch

Sweet Punch for this month is Pizza. The recipe Divya chose for the Punch is from Pioneer Woman. The recipe for the base was given to us and we had to let our imagination run wild for the topping. The recipe given to us yields two pizza crusts and I decided to make half the […]

BM#4 Day 5: Bok Choy & Mushroom Soup

It feels like fall/winter today. The temperature is in 40’s, which is not bad at all but the cloudy sky is making it feel a lot colder. On this gloomy day, I felt like having a light, hot soup and some homemade pizza, for lunch. I had actually planned on making dumpling soup today but […]

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