ARCHIVES November 2011

Spinach mung dal fry, palak mung dal fry, only curries, cooking with seeds - moung beans

Spinach Mung Dal Fry

This is another simple, quick and easy recipe. Palak or Spinach is most cooked leafy vegetable in my kitchen and it is usually spinach fry. Mr. U doesn’t like mixing vegetables or pulses with it. Spinach dal is another very popular dish in any Telugu household but that is a rarity I my house. One…


B&W Wedbesday

B&W Wednesday – Carved Dry Coconuts

Last Sunday, one of my niece’s got married and I flew down to India for the wedding. I will be here for another 5 weeks and am having a wonderful time. During the wedding ceremonies, the brides mother gave a tray of coconuts to the groom’s family. It is a tray of craved coconuts. I…