Spinach Mung Dal Fry

This is another simple, quick and easy recipe. Palak or Spinach is most cooked leafy vegetable in my kitchen and it is usually spinach fry. Mr. U doesn’t like mixing vegetables or pulses with it. Spinach dal is another very popular dish in any Telugu household but that is a rarity I my house. One […]

B&W Wednesday – Ridge Gourd Plant

Last weekend I went to Karimnagar to attend couple of parties. While I was there, we also visited my cousin’s farm house. He has vegetable patches and this picture is from his patch. Black & white ridge gourd plant or creeper is for Susan’s black & white Wednesday, a food photography event. This is the […]

Okra Stir Fry ~ Okra Fry ~ Bendakaya Koora

Indian Okra stir fry is a simple everyday dry curry prepared all across India. It is easy to prepare and goes well with rice and roti. Okra is one of the most cooked vegetables all across India. Just like in many English speaking countries, in India okra is ladies finger. I am sure that is […]

Soya Chunks & Bottle Gourd in Tomato Gravy

I don’t eat meat once a week and on those days, I try to get my daily required protein from soya products or legumes. Soya is a good source of protein for vegetarians. On a vegetarian day, I cook tofu or soya chunks/granules. I was never a big fan of soya chunks but that has […]

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