Mexican Chocolate Cream Pie

For the finale of the marathon, I thought of making molten lava chocolate. It has been on my to-bake list for a long time and that was the first recipe I listed down when I decided on chocolate theme for this marathon. 3-4 days ago I went to Whole Foods to pick up some pizza […]

No Bake Chocolate Biscuit Squares

Today I made no bake chocolate biscuit squares. I adapted Joy of Baking recipe and these squares are perfect to munch on anytime of the day. I made this in the evening and by the time the squares were set, it was dark and had to take the pictures in my kitchen. The picture is […]

Almond, Vanilla & White Chocolate Cookies

For the fifth day of the marathon, I am posting almond vanilla cookies from Amulya’s blog, a pastry chef from Melbourne, Australia. When planning for the marathon and making a list of chocolate recipes to post, I remembered her blog. I was meaning to cook something from her blog for the past one month and […]

Chocolate Canapes

Today was a disastrous day in the kitchen. I had planned on making chocolate pizza for day 4 of the marathon. I bought pizza dough yesterday and I was all set to bake this afternoon. I made myself a veggie pizza for lunch with half of the dough and for my dessert, I planned chocolate […]

Fruit Salad with Chocolate Custard

After 2 days of rich, sinful chocolate decadents, I wanted to make something light and healthy. I wanted to make something with fruits and was not sure what to make. Then I thought about fruit salad or custard sweet. When I was growing up, fruit salad was a very common sweet. Fruit salad or the […]

Chocolate Mixed Nuts Brownies

For day 2 of the marathon, I have another rich, chocolate treat, a nutty brownie. The recipe is from Joy of Baking and these brownies have a dry flaky crust and a moist texture inside. I used walnuts & pecans to make these brownies a little healthy. I followed the recipe as given except the […]

Ultimate Double Chocolate Cookies

Hello my dear readers, are there any chocolate lovers out there? Starting today, I am on a week long blogging marathon with seven days of chocolate recipes as my theme. Are you ready to get high on chocolate? Well, I am! I start this New Year’s marathon with ultimate double chocolate cookies & these are […]

Sweet Punch: Banoffee Pie & Fruitoffee Pie

Hello my dear readers, I am late in wishing you all a Happy New Year! I got back from my vacation 3 weeks ago and wanted to do a recap of year 2011. I never got around to doing it and will start off the New Year on a sweet note. Sweet Punch team chose […]

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