Gujarati Thali – A Meal from Indian State of Gujarat

Last month I took a break from blogging and am back with another edition blogging marathon, # 70. Though I am back, I am going through a phase where I do not want to cook, click and edit anything for the blog. I hope I come out of this phase very soon. This week my theme is thalis from different Indian states. I shall share thalis from three different states for the next three days. The first in the series is Gujarati thali.

Gujarati Thali, Gujrati Platter, Indian Food, Gujarti Food,

I put together a simple Gujarati thali with everyday food. Gujarati food is sweet, salty and spicy at the same time. Sugar or a form of sweet is added to curries and dal. Since we don’t like sweet in curries and dals, I didn’t add sweet and kept it savory.

In this Gujarati thali I have a snack (farsan), kathod, vegetable (shaak/sabzi), semi gravy curry (shaak), kadhi and a sweet; sooji dhokla, moong mag, bhenda nu shaak, tametu batata nu shaak, kadhi and sukhdi respectively. A salad, dal, rotli and yogurt are missing in this thali. Though I had planned on serving simple salad, store bought roti and placing a bowl of yogurt in the thali, I forgot to so in a hurry to take to take the picture before dusk. However, though I missed some of the basic components of an thali, the platter still looks full. And moreover, though I made small portions, this food lasted me 2 days 🙂

Gujarati Thali, Gujrati Platter, Indian Food, Gujarti Food,

Dal is a staple food in India. The basic recipe is similar all over India with few variations. I had initially planned on making Gujarati dal which has peanuts in it, along with moong mag. I already had too many side dishes and this food was good for 2 days. In the last minute modified the menu and made only moong mag. Cooking dal with whole dal (lentils) is knew to me and picked mag over dal. Moong is prepared every Wednesday in most of the Gujarati households and I thought it would be good variation to simple dal.

Gujarati Thali, Gujrati Platter, Indian Food, Gujarti Food,

On the Thali
Sooji Dhokla – Steamed savory semolina cake
Dhokla, Semolina Dhokla, Sooji Dhokla, Steamed savory semolina cake, Indian steamed cake, gujarati food, Indian food,

Moong Mag – Curry with whole moong
Gujarati Curry, Moong Curry, Whole Moong Curry, Gujrati Whole Moong Dal Curry, Peraru Pappu,

Bhenda nu Shaak – Okra/bhendi curry or okra stir fry
Gujarati Curry, Gujarati bhendi Curry, Gujarathi Okra Fry, Bhendy Fry, Okra Stir Fry,

Tametu Batata nu Shaak – Tomato potato curry
Gujarati curry, Tametu Batata nu Shaak, Indian curry, potato tomato curry, Gujarati Food,

Gujarati Kadhi – Buttermilk gram flour curry
Gujarati Kadhi, Gujarati Food, Indian Food, Kadhi, Buttermilk Curry,

Sukhdi – Wheat flour jaggery squares or fudge
Indian Fudge, Wheat Flour Jaggery Squares, Sukhdi, Indian Sweet, Gujarati Sweet,

I hope you like the this simple menu and can checkout other Gujarati recipes I already have on the blog.

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