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Blog update

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Blog update

Hello dear readers! Here is blog update for last month. As most of my regular readers know, I do blogging marathons every month with a group of blogging friends. Every April and September, we blog nonstop all month long. This year I did not participate and had other plans for the blog.

The plan was to work on some of the old posts and create some recipe videos. However, I accomplished only few tasks. One of the tasks that I accomplished is updating some of the old posts. Despite recipe videos being on top of the list, I did not create any. Hopefully work on it very soon.

Blog Update for April

Here is a list of old posts I re-cooked to take new photos. These posts meet most of the SEO standards and are getting some extra love with social media shares 🙂

Mexican street food, esquites

Esquites is a Mexican street food and a corn salad. It is quick & easy under 15 minutes recipe.

Weather finally feels like spring and a perfect salad for warm weather. Post has old images with new Pinterest image. Ground chicken taco salad

Salad, Ground Chicken Salad, Ground Chicken Salad with Taco Seasoning, Blogging Marathon, Taco Salad

Another salad perfect for spring and summers, Lima beans salad

Peruvian Lima Beans Salad 1

An everyday dry Indian curry, okra stir fry

Okra Stir Fry 1

Blog updates in May

I am back to blogging marathon this month and I will update the blog in third week of May. Posting dates are 17,18,19 in third week of May and 24,25,26 in fourth week.

Until the,

Happy Mother’s Day!

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