“Buffet on Table” this September, BM # 56

It is again time for another mega marathon! If you have been following this blog regularly, you would know of the blogging marathons I do on a regular basis. For those of you who are new to this blog, I am part of a blogging group where we do blogging marathons every month, posting 3 recipes a week for at least 2 weeks a month. Every April & September we do mega marathons posting recipes everyday taking breaks on Sundays. So far I have done three mega marathons, Indian Cooking Odyssey in April 2014, Around the World in 30 Days in Sept 2014 and Fire Up the Oven this past April. This month it is Buffet on Table from around the world.

Unlike the previous mega marathons I have done, this time we have weekly themes instead of a monthly theme. Themes for this marathon are:

Week 1 – Combos from around the world
Week 2 – Indian States
Week 3 – Condiments around the world
Week 4 – Breakfasts around the world
Week 5 – Travel posts or bloggers choice.

For week 5, I still have not decided what I am going to do, though the first post I cooked and scheduled is for week 5. 🙂 So far I have cooked less than ½ the recipes, that is 11 out of 26 and long way to go! But I hope it is going to be a fun experience cooking, tasting various dishes from around the world and sharing them with you all.

Hope you enjoy the buffet I am going to serve you all in the month of September.

BM#56 Buffet on Table

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