B&W Wednesday – Carved Dry Coconuts

B&W Wedbesday

Last Sunday, one of my niece’s got married and I flew down to India for the wedding. I will be here for another 5 weeks and am having a wonderful time. During the wedding ceremonies, the brides mother gave a tray of coconuts to the groom’s family. It is a tray of craved coconuts. I never seen such beautifully carved coconuts before.

Carved dry coconuts are for Susan’s black & white Wednesday, a food photography event.

B&W Wednesday, Carved Coconuts

Here is the color picture.

Black & White Wednesday, Carved Coconuts

12 thoughts on “B&W Wednesday – Carved Dry Coconuts

    1. Priya, sorry I do not have the details for the store. My cousin got them from Bangalore. I heard these are quite popular in Karnataka and especially in Mysore.

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