New York Style Pizza

For the last day of three days of region cuisine, I have a NY style pizza. My plan was to do NY hot dog but had to change the dish as there were no takers for it. When I decided to do the pizza, I didn’t realized the dough needs to be proofed/fermented for at […]

Ispanakli Pide ~ Turkish Pizza

Pide are Turkish flat bread shaped like a boat. The filling used is spinach, feta and onion. I first came across these pide when Varada posted it last Fall. I bookmarked and recipe and wanted to bake for this marathon. I completely forgot about it until I saw Pavani’s post.

Spicy Pizza Bread

Last year when Veena posted spicy pizza bread, I immediately bookmarked the recipe to my April 2015 marathon folder. Her bread was colorful and looked very flavorful. I made the bread twice, first day I messed up a bit and ended up making two loaves. Since I messed up the first day, I made it […]

Pigs in a Blanket ~ Mini Hot Dog Rolls

Few years ago I saw Paula Dean prepare pigs in a blanket on one of the Food Network shows. Do not ask me why these are called pigs in a blanket! Sausages or links are rolled in dinner rolls dough and then baked. Those were tempting. I finally made those for dinner last night. I […]

El Salvador Pupusa, Curtido & Salsa

Today we travel to Central American country of El Salvador. It is the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America. This is the only nation in Central America that does not have Caribbean coastline and the only coastline is the Pacific Coast. National dish of El Salvador is Pupusa; a handmade stuffed corn […]

Homemade Pizza with Coriander Chutney

Home Bakers is a baking group started by Priya of Priya’s Versatile Recipes and this is our first baking challenge. For the first challenge, Divya chose a simple homemade pizza. She gave us couple of pizza crust recipes and few pizza recipes with various toppings. I chose Giada De Laurentiis recipe for without tomato sauce. […]

English Muffin Pizza

Today is the fifth day of the marathon and the recipe name starts with “E”. Coming up with a dish that starts with letter “E” was quite challenging. I always had egg recipes; egg curry or egg fried rice as backup recipes but I was not keen on posting either of those. All I could […]

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