Fiesta Pinwheels, Yummy Party Food

Fiesta pinwheels are make ahead finger food and great appetizers to serve at parties. These make a filling lunch as well when served as a roll. jump to recipe Pin It for later . Update – Images are re-edited and resized in Dec 2017 I am back from my India trip and this is my […]

Shrimp Taco

Taco is a traditional Mexican food made with tortilla. Filling is placed in the center of the tortilla and folded around the filling. I like tacos for the fact that the filling can be anything from cooked meats, seafood to only veggies and it is easy to put together in no time, depending on the […]

Egg Roll

Spring is here and the weather is amazing! I don’t feel like cooking anything these days, I mean nothing special for the blog. I still am cooking everyday comfort food, but nothing blog worthy. All I have been doing the past few days is enjoying the beautiful weather. And also, I recently came across few […]

Spicy Egg Mushroom Rolls

Few weeks ago, when I was browsing the through the blogs, I came across Meeta’s blog What’s for Lunch, Honey? She has a yummy blog and her spicy egg mushroom rolls caught my eyes. It is a quick and easy recipe and requires no before hand preparation. I made it couple of times and thought […]

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