Yendu Kobbari Rava Laddu ~ Dry Coconut Rava Laddu

Letter ‘Y’ was one of the tough letters in this A-Z Challenge, Journey Through Telangana Cuisine. However, dishes for these two letters were decided months ago, when I first made the initial list back in Fall. When I seriously started working on this BM couple of months ago, I realized there might be a hole […]

Sheera ~ Sooji Halwa

Sheera is a sweet prepared with broken whole wheat (godhuma rava). This is a must preparation during Satyanarayana vratham and is prepared as one of the prasadams (offering to god). It is traditionally prepared with cream of whole wheat (wheat rava) but i made it with sooji as I did not have wheat rava on […]

Finland – Semolina Porridge ~ Mannapuuro

For F, I initially thought of cooking some French food. As I was looking for other cuisines, Finnish cuisine caught my eye. I initially did not consider this cuisine in fear that we might not like it and it might be bland for our palate. It was quite interesting reading about Finnish cuisine. There are […]

Algerian Shorba Frik

Starting today I am doing a month long marathon with “Around the world in 30 days with international ABC cooking” as the theme. Every day I will be posting a recipe from a country in alphabetical order. For first day, I chose Algeria for country starting with A. Today’s recipe is shorba frik, a soup […]

Hyderabadi Haleem

Starting today I am dong a month long blogging marathon with Indian states as the theme. I will be posting one recipe a day from one state, starting with Andhra Pradesh and ending with West Bengal. The blogging marathon group decided to do 28 states and the two union territories Delhi & Pondicherry I never […]

Tomato Bhaat

For this week’s Cooking from Cookbook Challenge, I have a quick and easy recipe; tomato bhaat. Is it tomato bhaat or tomato upma? After reading the ingredients list, don’t ask me why it is called Bhaat. I asked myself the same question last week, when I found this recipe in my recipes folder. I thought […]

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