Dish It Out: Paneer/Tofu & Bell Pepper Roundup

I would like to thank Vardhini for giving me the opportunity to host this event. I received 23 mouth-watering recipes for this event and thank you everyone for sharing & linking your recipes to the event. Here is the round-up. Bon Appetit! Here are a few archived recipes from my blog with paneer/tofu & bell […]

Bell Pepper Paneer Curry ~ Kadai Paneer

Paneer is an Indian cheese and is often known as Indian cottage cheese. It is used extensively in North Indian kitchens and has also become quite popular in South Indian kitchens in recent years. It is a good source of protein & calcium. Every Wednesday’s, I do not eat meat and prepare something with tofu […]

Capsicum & Paneer Rice ~ Bell Pepper & Indian Cottage Cheese Rice

After posting one biryani & one pulao recipe, for the last day of the marathon I am sharing a recipe that falls under the other rice varieties category. In the other varieties of rice, the rice is fully cooked, then seasoned and/or tempered with spices to enhance the flavor of rice. When I announced the […]

Mexican Rice ~ Spanish Rice

Today is the last day of the marathon and I can’t believe it is already over! When we started the marathon, I had second thoughts of the theme I picked and to my surprise, of all the themes I have done so far during the marathons, I enjoyed this the most. Also, to this edition […]

Red Bell Pepper Tomato Chutney

The recipe less picture post for day 2 of the marathon, I am serving red bell pepper chutney. As i mentioned yesterday, I will update the post with the recipe, once the marathon is over. Mint can be also be used in this chutney but I did not use it today. I also did not […]

Tandoori Tofu Pizza for the Punch

Sweet Punch for this month is Pizza. The recipe Divya chose for the Punch is from Pioneer Woman. The recipe for the base was given to us and we had to let our imagination run wild for the topping. The recipe given to us yields two pizza crusts and I decided to make half the […]

Bell Peppers & Green Peas Curry

My athamma (mother-in-law) use to make this curry a lot.  She use to cook bell peppers with some green peas and  tomatoes.   She used to add some madras curry powder to spicy it up.   She was a very good cook and used madras curry powder a lot in her cooking.  I too make this […]

Paneer Bhurji

The last time I made some homemade panner, I used only half of it for my Paneer Tikka and the other half was sitting in the fridge, waiting helplessly to be consumed. I went ahead and made Paneer Bhurji with it. This Bhurji looks and tastes like scrambled egg, not quite but very close.  I […]

Paneer Tikka Kebab

Last month, I participated in an online recipe contest in one of the communities of a social networking site.  The theme for the contest was to prepare Indian food with three colors of the India flag.  We had an option of using food colors.  I chose to use natural ingredients and my entry was Paneer […]

Mushroom Bell Peppers Curry

This is an archived post, which I am reposting to send it to EC for her What’s You Favorite – Side Dish.  I was thinking of changing the picture for this recipe for a long time and this was perfect  time to do so.  When I made it this time I add some chopped red […]

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