Asparagus Stir Fry

I made this stir fry couple of days ago. I took some pictures while preparing it but was contemplating whether to blog it or not. There has been a two-week drought in my posts and could not resist to blog. Actually, I do have a post that is ready to publish but did not want to start […]

Stuffed Green Chilies Curry ~ Mirapakaya Kura

Stuffed Green Chilies or mirapakaya kura is one of my favorites.  However, I do not make it as much as I would love to.  Mr. U is not very fond of it.  I can not say he does not like it either. It depends on his mood.  I don’t like it when he does not […]

Spicy Pepper Mushrooms

This month’s or rather for the month of June, featured blog on Tried & Tasted (T&T) was Meena’s blog, Hooked on Heat.  She has a very good collection of recipes and I bookmarked couple of recipes.  One recipe that I could not wait to try was Spicy Pepper Mushrooms.  I love mushrooms and was eager […]

One Year Old and Green Chard

Last friday, May the 15th, MySpciyKitchen turned one.  I had planned something special for the day but, I could not do it.  Last few days I was a little busy with visitors , getting our visas for our vacation next month and also recovering from a fever.   I will update my other blog venting […]

Mushroom Bell Peppers Curry

This is an archived post, which I am reposting to send it to EC for her What’s You Favorite – Side Dish.  I was thinking of changing the picture for this recipe for a long time and this was perfect  time to do so.  When I made it this time I add some chopped red […]

Onion Egg Curry

Onion Egg Curry or Ulligadda Ukkera is a very quick and delicious curry prepared with onions and eggs. jump to recipe Telugu is a dialect of Andhra Pradesh, a southern state of India. Ulligadda in telugu is onion and Ukkera is referred to a curry or a stir fry. This curry always reminds me off […]

Lisa’s Black & Yellow Chickpeas in a Sweet & Spicy Sauce

For the month of April, Lisa’s Kitchen is the featured blog for Tried & Tasted event, started by Zlamushka.  Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen is hosting it this month.  Lisa has an array of Indian vegetarian recipes on her blog.  I usually cook Indian food at home and hence tried her Black & Yellow Chickpeas […]

Carrot Fry

I remember eating this side dish a long time ago, back in India. I usually don’t cook carrot stir fry at home, but do love eating it raw in my salads and raitas. Few days ago, a pack of carrots was helplessly staring at me and didn’t want to end up in the trash, the […]

Mushrooms in Almond Gravy

It is has been a while since I updated my blog.  I was under the weather for past few days.   I am gradually getting back to normal and guess what, I lost 2 lbs 🙂   Isn’t that nice. I think that is the only good thing about falling sick 😮  These past few […]

Broccoli Moong Dal Stir Fry

I have fall in love with broccoli in last 2 years.  Prior to that, just the mention of broccoli would turn me off. I knew it is a very healthy, nutritious vegetable, but just could not eat it. Couple of years ago, I gave it a try again. I steamed it for 2-3 minutes and […]

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