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I made these rolls couple of weeks ago.  These are the same Chicken Puff Rolls I mentioned last week, in my Cilantro Pesto Pinwheels post. I wanted to send this is to Sunday Snacks event, but I changed my mind.  This recipe needs to be modified a little, before I can share it with you all.  I baked the rolls, took a few pictures and tasted it.  It tasted fine, but was a bit unsure if the meet in the rolls was completely cooked.  I did baked it for 30 minutes, 15-20 minutes more than what the recipe called for. I ate a 4-5 rolls, went out for a late lunch with my girl friends and did some window shopping and got back home around dinner time.  That day, I was in no hurry to prepare dinner as Mr.U had a dinner meeting.  I ate heavy lunch and was stuffed and decided to skip dinner. Since I was skipping dinner, I ate couple of rolls and my stomach that was bad got worse. I don’t know if the culprit was the food I ate outside or my chicken rolls. Believe me, it was nasty.

So now you know the really reason why I am not sharing the recipe and why I think it needs some tweaking. Until then, I will let you drool over the images. Oooh, make sure your are comfortably seated before looking at the images because you may have to drool over for a long time before you get the recipe. Recently, I was told by someone, politely and indirectly, that I cook a lot and broke my microwave door rim. According him, GE technician (I have GE microwave), the heat from the cooking range when cooking, caused the rim to fall of the microwave door. My microwave is above my cooking range and I hate that setting. mmmh… what can I say… 😮

Camera: Sony DSC-T10

Is this flaky and crusty enough? This is my entry for this month’s Click: Crust.  Click is a monthly food photography event, hosted by Jugalbandi.

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