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I recently joined another bloggers group which focuses on food photography. Blogger’s Buzz Photography Club, BBPC team is a group of bloggers from UK. They organize photography classes once a month in UK and give out an assignment to practice at home. And for bloggers around the world, they have a virtual group. I joined the virtual group. They update the blog on what was discussed in class and virtual group can join the group for the assignment. I missed the first assignment and joined the group after seeing some of my fellow bloggers fist assignment post.

For BBPC 2, the team chose cupcakes as the theme, as this is cupcakes month. The assignment is photographing cupcakes with diffused back-lighting. I was lazy to bake and thought of buying cups and doing the assignment. Yesterday I decided to bake the cupcakes at home here are mine. Check here for the recipe.

Blogger's Buzz Photography Club,

To learn more about BBPC, please checkout the blog.

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