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Hello dear readers! It is time for Recap of the Month, Recap of May.

Before we get to the recap of May, hope my readers in US had a lovely Memorial Day Weekend! It is the unofficial start of summer and hope all of you have a wonderful summer ahead. I am currently in India and it is sizzling hot out here and good part is, summer is almost at the tail end in this part of the world. I had come down for a short unplanned trip and now looks like that trip is going to be a little longer than I had expected. Hence, blogging will be taking a back seat for sometime. I shall try to do one or two travel posts this month with a few photos I have on my smart phone. Recipe posts will be on hold for sometime.

Recap of May

Every month I do a blogging marathon with a group of friends and blog based on a weekly theme. In May my themes were ‘Cooking with one Protein Rich Ingredient’ and ‘Dazzling Dals’. Here are the recipes posted under each theme.

Protein Rich Ingredient – Salmon

For cooking with a protein rich ingredient, I chose Salmon. The three recipe I posted are –
1. Healthy Pan Seared Tandoori Salmon
Pan Seared Tandoori Salmon

2. Healthy Salmon Patties – Easy Salmon Burgers
Healthy easy fresh salmon patties with some salad

3. Salmon Farfalle Pasta
Delicious creamy salmon farfalle pasta

Dazzling Dals

Under dazzling dals, I have a North Indian dal, a Rajasthani dal and a everyday mixed greens dal from South India.
1. Instant Pot Dal Tadka
Delicious Instant pot dal tadka is a spicy flavorful Indian dal. It pairs well with rice and Indian flatbreads

2. Panchmel Dal
Panchmel Dal

3. Methi Palak Dal ~ Menthikura Palakura Pappu
Fenugreek Spinach Dal

This Day in :
2008 – Shrimp Biryani
2016 – Coriander Mint Chutney

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