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I have been posting a recipe for the past one week and for a change, I wanted to post something different today. post something other than a recipe.  As I was going through my drafts, I came across this one.  I wanted to do  this post last month,  for Divya’s Show Me Your Cookbooks event but some how missed the deadline.

Today, when I pulled out all my cookbooks from my shelf, I was surprised to learn that I owned more than a dozen cookbooks!  I hardly cook from my cookbooks and I do not invest much in them either.  Whenever I cook from a cookbook or a blog, I don’t stick to the original recipe and most of the times its a disaster.  So, whenever I consider buying  a cookbook, I pickup only the ones that are on sale.  The only cookbooks I bought for   full price are the Blogger Aid Cookbook and Cooking with Pedatha.   I don’t remember how much I paid for the Classic Indian Cooking by Juli Sahni, as that was my first cookbook.   I bought it soon after I came to US and back then, there were no blogs and no cooking websites either.   This book was my go to place, assisting me in my new kitchen.  I picked up Cooking in Style the Costco way from my cousin.  He thought I would put that book to good use than his wife  and he would be quite disappointed to learn otherwise.

Over the years, I collected the above books and remember cooking very few recipes  from a handful of above books.    I have cooked a couple of recipes from The Fish & Seafood cookbook, made rasam powder from Cooking with Pedatha, Chili Yogurt Mushrooms from the Curries, Raj’s Chicken Cutlet & Kerala Fish Curry from the New Indian.  Bye the way, I won the last cookbook, Anjum Anand’s New Indian in a free giveaway contest.  I have couple of more recipes on my to try out list from this cookbook.

That’s all for now about my cookbooks and check out what my fellow blogging marathoners Srivalli, Priya Suresh, Jaya, Monika, PJ, Priya Vaasu, Azeema, Reva, Ayeesha, Veena, Soumya & Gayathri.

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