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Sizzle your food & health with spices, SYF & HWS is an event started by Anu of Anu’s Healthy Kitchen.  I am guest hosting the event this  and the spice  is “Mustard Seeds”.    This event runs from Oct 5 – Nov 5.  I use mustard seeds mostly in my tempering and in some of the raitas or Indian style salads with yogurt dressing.  In the next m one month, I looking forward to many more variations to use this pungent spice.

Mustard seeds are small round seeds, yellow & black in color and pungent in taste.  Black mustard is used extensively in Indian cooking.  Yellow & black mustard seeds are used world-wide in various cuisines.  Mustard seeds are powdered and used as a condiment, rub, vinaigrette, pickles and more.

Here is the Event Rules:

  1. Bloggers and Non-Bloggers are welcome to send in any number of recipes, archived ones need to be re-posted and linked to this announcement page and Anu’s event announcement page.
  2. Use of LOGO is mandatory, which will help to spread the word.
  3. Please use the linky tool below to send in your entries for the event.
  4. Non-bloggers can send in the recipes to events(at)myspicykitchen(dot)net.
  5. Event starts on Oct 5th and ends on Nov 5th.
  6. Please send as many recipes as you want to.
  7. Both veg & non-veg recipes are welcome for this event.

This event is an ongoing event for the future months and anyone interested to guest host can drop Anu an email at anu (dot) healthykitchen (at) gmail (dot) com. She will remind you a week before the event and also send you the “Event Logo” for the particular month and “Event Announcement Page/Document” too. You just need to copy and post the document as a Guest Event Post.

Checkout the roundup here.

One thought on “SYF & HWS – Mustard Seeds, Event Announcement

  1. Hi Spicykitchen (sorry not sure of your name),
    I’ve just linked my recipe for Vol au Vent which has a dressing prepared with french mustard to your event. Have provided links to this page and Anu’s page. Hope I’ve done everything right.

    I have also liked your page in FB. Honestly didn’t realize that I hadn’t done that the last time.

    Please visit my page when you have the time. You have an awesome space and lovely events too. Happy hosting.. Hope to be a regular here.


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