Uppudu Pindi ~ Rice Rava Upma

As we enter the final stretch of this marathon, A-Z Challenge Journey Through Telangana Cuisine, I am running out of steam and do not know how to start this post. This and the next three are going to be short, as I am yet to write the posts. Last two are already scheduled and that […]

Royyala Koora ~ Rustic Shrimp Curry without Tomato

In this A-Z challenge, Journey Through Telangana Cuisine, for R, I have royyala koora (prawn curry). I already have three versions of royyala koora on the blog; shrimp curry with onion paste, shrimp curry without onion paste and shrimp curry without tomatoes, and one might ask what is so special about this one? Last summer […]


This is a simple dal prepared all across India. Tempering ingredients and spices may vary but this is basic way preparing a plain dal. I used kandi pappu (Telugu) / toor dal or arhar dal (Hind) here. This basic dal can be twisted to make different flavored dals. I made this pappu to go with […]

Hyacinth Beans Rice ~ Anapa Ginjala Annam

In my A-Z Challenge Journey Through Telangana Cuisine, I stumbled on a hurdle, again!! I never excepted I would have trouble coming up with recipes this early in to the challenge. I had to use one of the clauses to pass this hurdle, an English name of the main ingredient or the dish. Being a […]

Fenugreek Leaves Moong Dal Curry ~ Menthi Aaku Pesaru Pappu Koora

Letter ‘F’ was one of the tough letters in this A-Z challenge, Journey Through the Telangana Cuisine. I could not think of any regional food that starts with ‘F’. As I mentioned in my first post, there are a couple of extra clauses to the theme when dealing with such tough letters. One of them […]

Masala Vankaya Kura

Readers following the blog regularly know I do blogging marathons, where a group of us blog 3 consecutive days in a week. Twice a year we do month long marathons. The person behind these marathons and the organizer is Srivalli. For me, blogging marathon is a way to keep the blog active and a motivation […]

Pesaru Garelu & a Mini Thali

Last month was my mother-in-law’s death anniversary ceremony and I had prepared a mini thali. When I cooked the meal that day, this week’s theme was not on my mind, though the blog was. Since I cooked so many items, I also wanted to utilize that cooking for the blog as well. Everything on that […]

Simple Telugu Bhojanam ~ Telugu Thali from Telangana

For the last & 6th day of Indian states for Buffet on Table, I have a simple everyday meal from my home state of Telangana. Past few days leading up to the marathon, there was lot of chatter on Whatsapp by fellow marathoners about the thalis each one was preparation for Indian states. To keep […]

Beerakaya Koora ~ Ridge Gourd Curry

Beerakaya in Telugu, turai in Hindi, ridge gourd or Chinese okra in English belongs to cucumber family. Beerakaya is harvested when very tender and ripe beerakaya is very fibrous. It is used as a scrubbing sponge. Tender beerakaya cooks very fast and shrink in quantity after cooking. The most common beerakaya preparation in my home […]

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