Cabbage Egg Bhurji

Cabbage bhurji is the last recipe under the theme bhurji recipes, for the first week of this month’s blogging marathon # 62. This is an interesting recipe and I was skeptical when saw it online. To my surprise, cabbage blended well into the bhurji. To be on the safe side, I added four eggs instead […]

Ridge Gourd Egg Bhurji ~ Beerakaya Kodi Guddu Kura

For the second day of bhurji recipes, I have a ridge gourd egg bhurji. Initial plan was to cook this without egg. I wasn’t sure if there would be any takers for it and threw in a couple of eggs to camouflage the ridge gourd. Husband liked it and said he would not mind eating […]

Mumbai Style Egg Bhurji

For this week’s three day blogging marathon, my theme is bhurji recipes. We usually associate bhurji with eggs, followed by paneer (Indian cottage cheese). For this month, Valli challenged us to cook variety of bhurji recipes, not necessarily with eggs. I initially thought of doing eggless bhurji recipes and later decided to include the eggs […]

Egg Bhurji~Scrambled Eggs

Egg bhurji or Indian scrambled egg is a quick and easy recipe that can be served with rice, roti, or used as a filling for wraps and sandwiches. Until few years ago, I never tasted egg bhurji. One day, when talking to my cousin, she proudly told me she made egg bhurji! After hanging up […]

Paneer Bhurji

The last time I made some homemade panner, I used only half of it for my Paneer Tikka and the other half was sitting in the fridge, waiting helplessly to be consumed. I went ahead and made Paneer Bhurji with it. This Bhurji looks and tastes like scrambled egg, not quite but very close.  I […]

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