Kakarakaya Pesaru Pappu Koora ~ Bitter Gourd Moong Dal Curry

Kakarakaya pesaru pappu koora is a curry with grated kakarakaya (bitter gourd) and pesaru pappu (moong dal). Bitter gourd, as the name suggests is a bitter vegetable and disliked by many. There are many ways to cook this vegetable to reduce the bitterness. One way is to marinate the vegetable with salt and then squeeze […]

Baked Kakarakaya ~ Bitter Gourd Chips

As the name suggests, bitter gourd is a bitter vegetable and is one of the most despised vegetable by many people. But I like it and do not mind the bitter taste of the vegetable. Baked bitter gourd chips has been on my to bake list for some time and finally got to bake them […]

Kakarakaya Kura ~ Bitter Gourd Fry

MySpicyKithcen has been very cold lately. I have been extremely busy in the past few weeks entertaining guests and traveling around with my mom. Yes, mom is here and you would not believe it, it is her visit here. All these years she was reluctant to come, making excuses that she would get bored. My […]

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