Swedish Chocolate Cake ~ Kladdkaka

This month Food of the World is traveling to Sweden. To celebrate the food from this country, I made a Swedish chocolate cake. It is a soft, gooey cake and is also called Kladdkaka in Swedish, which means sticky cake. Wiki says this cake is also called the mud cake. I initially wanted to make […]

Ultimate Chocolate Brownies

Many ingredient boxes and bags come with a recipe on the back. Sometimes I cut the boxes or save the ingredient bags for recipes. Today’s recipe is from the back of Hershey’s semi-sweet chocolate chips bag. I like cookies and whenever I am in a mood to bake, I bake cookies. Husband is not a […]

Devil’s Chocolate Cake

For the 5th day of Cakes & Muffins, I have a rich, decadent chocolate cake. I had bookmarked the recipe long time ago when Bharathy posted and only got to bake it couple of weekends ago. I bookmarked the recipe and forgot about it until few days ago. As I was searching for cake recipes […]

Butterscotch Chips Chocolate Cookies

This past weekend as I was blog hopping I landed on Foodolicious Pictured. Chocolate chip cookies on this blog were irresistible with white chocolate chips adorning the cookies. I planned to make them the very next day. Unfortunately the nearest store was out of white chocolate chips and I used butterscotch chips instead.

Neapolitan Layer Cake

I baked this cake couple of weeks ago and am late posting it. For the month of Feb Home Bakers Challenge, Siri gave us 5 bakes and I was very tempted to try the macaroons. I never baked them before but this Neapolitan cake won over the macaroons. I saved the recipe and will try […]

Mummy Cupcakes for Home Baker’s Challenge

Mummy cupcakes are moist chocolate cupcakes decorated and frosted as mummies. There are a great halloween treat and kids including adults alike would love these cupcakes. Continue reading or jump to recipe . Edited and update above two pictures on Oct 2017. These are old photos resized to fit current template. For October’s Home Bakers […]

Cupcakes for BBPC

I recently joined another bloggers group which focuses on food photography. Blogger’s Buzz Photography Club, BBPC team is a group of bloggers from UK. They organize photography classes once a month in UK and give out an assignment to practice at home. And for bloggers around the world, they have a virtual group. I joined […]

Mango Chocolate Marble Cake

The second bake for Home Bakers Challenge this month is Chocolate Mango Cake and we were give an egg & an eggless version, which was chosen by Spicy Treats. I picked the eggless cake which is also butter less. I baked the cake couple of weeks ago but am late posting it on the blog. […]

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