Saffron Rice

Last month when I did the month long marathon, I made this rice to serve with the Omani Shuwa. When I make flavored rice such as pulaos, I usually sauté the spices, vegetables and rice in some oil and then finish it off in the rice cooker or in a saucepan on the stovetop or […]

Vegetable Pulao ~ Bagara in a Pressure Cooker

I use my pressure cooker(s) on a regular basic, at least two – three times a week, if not every day. I use it mostly for cooking lentils & legumes, goat meat and once in a while to cook bottle gourd. Although bottle gourd looks tender, at times it takes longer to cook and in […]

Zucchini Rice

Starting today, I am on a blogging marathon for the next seven days. Just like the previous marathons, we have a theme to choose. But this time, we have an option of doing two themes, one theme for three days and the other one for four days. I picked cooking with less than five ingredients […]

BM#3 Day 1: Carrot Pulihora ~ Carrot Rice

Carrot pulihora is a South Indian rice preparation with grated carrots and lime/lemon juice. Hello dear readers, are you ready for another marathon, the third one this year? Blogging Marathon # 3 starts today and just like last time we have a theme. This time I chose ongoing events.  All the recipes I post during […]

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