Chana Dal Goat Curry

Chana dal goat curry is a great recipe to use up leftover goat curry, either dry or gravy curry. Addition of chana dal transforms curry a new avatar and is a nice way to use up any leftover meat curry. This Chana dal goat curry is also a great recipe to fix a flopped non […]

Qimah Vundalu ~ Meat Balls

In this A-Z Challenge, Journey Through Telangana Cuisine, I am doing Q for Qimah. This was one of the tough letters to work with and I could not think of a vegetable, fruit or a dish in Telugu that starts with Q. The only ingredient I could think of is qimah or qeema. Going by […]

Oman – Shuwa

Today we travel to the Arab nation of Oman, officially known as Sultanate of Oman. Unlike other Arab nations, Oman has modest oil reserves. In 2010 United Nations Development Program ranked Oman as the most improved nations in terms of development in last 40 years and is also categorized as high income economy. (Source Wiki) […]

Algerian Shorba Frik

Starting today I am doing a month long marathon with “Around the world in 30 days with international ABC cooking” as the theme. Every day I will be posting a recipe from a country in alphabetical order. For first day, I chose Algeria for country starting with A. Today’s recipe is shorba frik, a soup […]

Goat Kalia, North Indian Goat Curry

Goat kalia is a North Indian goat curry and is served with pulao or Indian flatbreads. Today’s recipe is a north Indian mutton curry, also known as mutton kalia or masaledar gosht. Since I made it with goat, it is goat kalia. The curry is dark brown in color, hence the name kalia. I prepared […]

Kashmiri Rogan Josh

Jammu & Kashmir is the northern most state of India which shares a border with Himachal Pradesh and Punjab in the south and an international border with China & Pakistan in the East, North East and Pakistan in the west. Jammu Kashmir consists of three regions; Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. Srinagar is the summer capital […]

Hyderabadi Haleem

Starting today I am dong a month long blogging marathon with Indian states as the theme. I will be posting one recipe a day from one state, starting with Andhra Pradesh and ending with West Bengal. The blogging marathon group decided to do 28 states and the two union territories Delhi & Pondicherry I never […]

Kabuli Palaw, National Dish of Afghanistan

For my second week of blogging marathon # 37, my theme is National Dish. For the next three days, I will take you to three different countries to taste their national dish. For the first day, we are traveling to Afghanistan for a flavorful, aromatic Kabuli Palaw. Kabuli Palaw or Qabili Pulao or Afghan Pilaf […]

Red Meats Feast Roundup

Here is the roundup for the red meats feast. Thank you everyone for sending your delicious recipes to the event. I was not able to contribute as many recipes as I wanted to for this event but will link some for the recipes that I have already posted here, before getting to the roundup. Enjoy […]

Day 7 – Bone Soup ~ Bone Chaaru

Today is the last day of this marathon and I am probably the last one to post my recipe 😮  It was fun doing this 7 day marathon and looking forward to doing it more often.  Thanks Srivalli for coordinating this marathon!  The seventh  starter for this virtual party is bokka (bone) chaaru or bone […]

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