Beetroot Radish Salad

Beetroot radish salad is a quick, easy and super healthy salad that is fixed in matter of minutes. I used beetroot, radish, carrots and legumes in the salad. Beetroot being a natural dye, gave it’s color to rest of the ingredients in the salad, making it a pink salad. This salad can be served as […]

Sautéed Fresh Garbanzo Beans ~ Sautéed Green Chana

Last time I made garbanzo beans pulao or green chana pulao, U liked it very much and wanted me to make it more often.  So last week when I did my Indian groceries, I picked up some green chana.   I bought more than a lb., more than what my cousin had given me last month […]

Fresh Garbanzo Beans Pulao with Tomato Yogurt Pachadi

Last week, I visited my cousin for Diwali and she made green chana eka fresh green garbanzo beans pulao.  That made me nostalgic!  Back home, every winter, these green chana, also called hari boot or hari bhoot would make it to the dining table very often.  At times, it was our  breakfast or evening snack […]

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