Thecha, a Spicy Condiment from Maharashtra

Thecha is a spicy condiment from Maharashtra, India. Thecha is prepared across the state and preparation varies slightly from household to household. The main ingredient is chilies; red or green chilies, followed by garlic. The other ingredients that can be used are cumin, sesame seeds and coconut. Chilies are toasted in oil and ground to […]

Long Green Chilies Curry ~ Mirchi Curry

I love mirupakaya koora or green chilies curry. There are many variations of this curry and I already posted one green chilies curry that my mom makes. Today’s recipe is slightly different from that. In this recipe onion and tomatoes are ground to paste along with sesame seeds and dry coconut to make the stuffing. […]

Stuffed Green Chilies Curry ~ Mirapakaya Kura

Stuffed Green Chilies or mirapakaya kura is one of my favorites.  However, I do not make it as much as I would love to.  Mr. U is not very fond of it.  I can not say he does not like it either. It depends on his mood.  I don’t like it when he does not […]

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