Healthy, Baked Chicken Kofta – Meatballs

Baked chicken kofta or meatballs are a healthy kofta, seasoned with Indian spices. Serve it as an appetizer or as a meal with some veggies or throw it in a pasta or a curry. Theme of the Week This week’s theme is, is everything round a laddu? And as we saw in last two days, […]

Ground Chicken Stuffed Msemen ~ Rghaif

Ground chicken stuffed msemen is a stuffed flatbread from Morocco. It is a soft flatbread served for breakfast or teatime snack. Theme of the Week The theme this week is stuffed flatbreads across countries and for the final day of this week’s blogging marathon, it is a Moroccan flatbread, ground chicken stuffed Msemen. The other […]

Sauteed Ground Chicken ~ Chicken Kheema

Sauteed ground chicken aka chicken kheema is a quick and easy side dish for rice, roti (Indian flatbread) and makes a great filling for tacos, quesadillas and puff pastries. Theme – Protein Rich Ingredient Welcome back to third week of Cooking Carnival, Cooking with Protein Rich Ingredients. This week’s protein rich ingredient is Chicken. I […]

Bhopali Seekh Kabab

For the last day of this week’s 3 day marathon, under the theme ‘unused posts from Indian states’, I have Bhoplai seekh kababs. I made these kababs for Madhya Pradesh and changed my mind in the last minute. I wanted a more authentic recipe from that state and posted bhutte ka kees. Also, I was […]

Chicken Empanadas

Empanadas are stuffed pastries, also known as hand pies or turnovers. Empanadas are very popular in Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean. These can be baked or deep fried. Many countries have their own version of empanadas and are known by different names. Indian empanadas are usually have sweet fillings and are known by different […]

Chicken Balls

Early this year when I visited India, one of U’s aunts gave me a cookbook that she wrote and dedicated to her mother. This book, Mother’s Recipes, is a collection of her mother’s recipes and the recipes she learned over the years staying in various parts of the state. The book has 100+ recipes and […]

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