Iyengar Bakery Style Khara Buns

Today I have a popular Bangalore Iyengar bakery style khara buns. These buns are savory and can be served for breakfast with some cream cheese or with butter. These can also be served as an after school snack or for dinner. From what I have read, the popular way of serving it is with butter […]

Oats Butterscotch Cookies for Home Bakers Challenge

Crunchy oats butterscotch cookies are so delicious that kids can’t stop eating. This past Thursday I met some of my blogging friends for lunch. Pavani gave us some cookies that she baked for Home Bakers Challenge (HBC). Cookies were delicious. I had checked the recipes we were suppose to bake for this month but I […]

Cheese and Herb Scones

We are into the final week of this month long baking marathon, Fire up your Oven. Of the three month long marathons I have done so far, this was the least prepared marathon and even was in two minds if I should even do it. To my surprise, it was not that stressful at all. […]

Chickpeas Crackers for Home Bakers Challenge

For September’s Home Bakers Challenge Priya challenged us with some cracker recipes. I chose to bake chickpeas crackers. These are spicy crackers that can be snacked on anytime of the day and also a great tea time snack. I followed the recipe as give with addition of extra chili powder. It was spicy for my […]

Rosemary Popovers for Home Bakers Challenge

Popovers are airy, light, hallow rolls made with an egg batter and baked in muffin pans or popover pans. Popover pans are straight walled pans unlike muffin pans which are angled. Popovers can be served for breakfast with some jam, fruits or whipped cream or as an afternoon snack. It can also be served for […]

Knafeh for Home Bakers Challenge

For the month of June, Nupur picked some Arabic desserts for the home bakers challenge. I chose to bake Knafeh. Knafeh is also known as knafe, kunafeh, knafah, konafah, konafeh in various Arabic countries. It is a baked Arabic dessert made with sweetened ricotta cheese that has a thin noodles or vermicelli as a base. […]

Mushroom Spinach Cigars for Home Bakers Challenge

For the month of May, Rafeeda challenged us to bake some Arabic treats for Home Bakers Challenge. She gave us a choice of both sweet and savory bakes. When I first saw the list, I decided on baking the crunchy sesame seed cookies. But in the last minute changed my mind and picked a savory […]

Neapolitan Layer Cake

I baked this cake couple of weeks ago and am late posting it. For the month of Feb Home Bakers Challenge, Siri gave us 5 bakes and I was very tempted to try the macaroons. I never baked them before but this Neapolitan cake won over the macaroons. I saved the recipe and will try […]

Semi Homemade Corn Tortilla Chips

A quick and easy semi homemade corn tortilla chips are a must for any party. These are ready in less than 15 minutes with only 10 minutes of bake time! Jump to recipe or Pin It for later Update, Jan 2018 – Old images edited and resized to fit current template. The post is also […]

American Style Pistachio Raisin Biscotti

I am again late posting my Home Bakers Bake for this month. It has become a pattern. This time I did bake by 12th of the month but just did get to put it up on the blog. But, we do have 2 weeks time to update the blog, so I am still with in […]

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