Swedish Chocolate Cake ~ Kladdkaka

This month Food of the World is traveling to Sweden. To celebrate the food from this country, I made a Swedish chocolate cake. It is a soft, gooey cake and is also called Kladdkaka in Swedish, which means sticky cake. Wiki says this cake is also called the mud cake. I initially wanted to make […]

Husleves ~ Hungarian Pork Soup for Food of the World

This month Food of the World is traveling to Hungary. Hungarian food is based on meats, seasonal vegetables, fresh breads and cheese. Some of the food is spicy and common spice is Hungarian hot paprika. This cuisine has many stews / soups prepared with meats and fish. When I first did a research on this […]

Coconut Shrimp for Food of the World

Food of the World is visiting island nation of Aruba. This is a small nation in the Caribbean sea, 18 miles from the north coast of Venezuela. Aruba is one the four countries that forms the kingdom of Netherlands and the residents of all these four countries are Dutch nationals. Aruba has dry climate and […]

Indonesian Crushed Fried Chicken ~ Ayam Penyet

This month Food of the World is traveling to Indonesia. I made Indonesian crushed chicken with sambal or Ayam Penyet. Fried chicken is one of the popular meats in Indonesia and it is available in all roadside stalls and restaurants. Each region of Indonesia has its variation to fried chicken. This fried chicken is crushed […]

German Potato Bread ~ Kartoffelbrot

Today is the 14th day of this baking marathon and can’t believe we have reached half way mark. To check out all the recipes I have posted thus far, check here. Coming to today’s bake, fourth bread in this week’s bread baking series, I have a German potato bread that I bookmarked when Priya posted […]

Korean Pan Fried Tofu with Spicy Sauce for Food of the World

This month Food of the World is in Korea. Korean cuisine is one of our favorites and we always ended up eating Korean food whenever we eat out. Today I made a simple and easy pan fried tofu with spicy sauce, dububuchim-yangnyeomjang. In Korean tofu is pronounced as doo boo and yangnyeomjang is seasoning sauce. […]

Borscht ~ Russian Beetroot Soup

Borscht is a beetroot soup of Ukrainian origin. This soup is popular in Eastern & Central European countries. Though borscht is Ukrainian in origin, it is equally popular and common in Russia. Soup can be served as it is, as I did or with some sour cream. Little mushroom onion dumplings called vushka is served […]

Recap of Around the World in 30 Days with A-Z Cuisines

An year ago if someone had asked me to a do a month long mega blogging marathon (bm), I would have instantly said no. Here I am today, doing a recap of last month’s month long marathon and second one of the year. After the April mega marathon, I was unsure about doing another mega […]

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