Dondakaya Gutti Masala

For day four of the marathon, cooking with alphabet “D” is Dondakaya Gutti Masala eka Stuffed Tindora Masala eka Stuffed Ivy Gourd curry. I found this recipe almost a decade ago on Back then, there were very few Indian recipe websites and this is one of the sites I use to refer to very […]

Dondakaya Perugu Pachadi ~ Ivy Gourd in Mustard Yogurt Dressing

Few years ago, during my first visit back to India, one of our aunts invited us for lunch. One of the items on the menu was dondakaya perugu pachadi and I liked it a lot. She chopped dondakaya and made raita or perugu pachadi with raw dondakaya. The crunchy raw vegetable in seasoned yogurt was […]

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