Japanese Breakfast

We are into fourth week of Buffet on Table, month long marathon that I am doing with my blogging group. We have weekly themes for this month and the theme for this week is breakfasts from around the world. For the first day I have a Japanese breakfast. We were suppose to do this theme […]

Hourensou No Gomaae ~ Japanese Spinach Salad with Sesame Sauce

Hourensou no gomaae is Japanese spinach salad flavored with sesame sauce. Preparation of this salad is similar to Korean spinach salad that I prepared last year for Around the World in 30 days. I liked the Korean salad a lot and since the preparation is similar, included this spinach salad to my Japanese breakfast menu […]

Tamagoyaki ~ Rolled Japanese Omelet

Tamagoyaki is rolled omelet from Japan. This is a very popular breakfast and more common way of preparing eggs. Tamagoyaki is as popular in Japan as scrambled eggs are in the US. Tamagoyaki is thin layers of cooked eggs, rolled together into a log and cut into bite size pieces. Tamagoyaki is suppose to be […]

Miso Soup for Food of the World

Food of the World is traveling to Japan to taste the cuisine of this island nation. Cuisine is based on rice, noodles and miso soup which are served with other side dishes. Side dishes included pickled vegetables, fish and vegetables that are cooked in broth. Most famous food from this nation is sushi, miso soup […]

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