Tamata Pappu ~ Tomato Dal

After yesterday’s long post, I am going to or at least try to keep this short. In this A-Z Challenge, Journey Through Telangana Cuisine, today I have a very simple recipe that is prepared all across India with few variations. I never paid much attention to letter T until very late and in fact, this […]

Pappu & Pachi Pulusu

In this A-Z challenge, Journey Through Telangana Cuisine, I knew right away what I was going to do for some of the letters. One such letter is ‘P’. It was always ‘P’ for pachi pulusu and since pappu also starts with ‘P’, decided to make it a combo on the day I prepared it. Pappu […]


This is a simple dal prepared all across India. Tempering ingredients and spices may vary but this is basic way preparing a plain dal. I used kandi pappu (Telugu) / toor dal or arhar dal (Hind) here. This basic dal can be twisted to make different flavored dals. I made this pappu to go with […]

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