Roasted Onion Paste for Curries

Today’s recipe is one of the pastes that were once a must in my kitchen, along with ginger garlic paste. I always stocked up my refrigerator and the freezer with roasted onion paste, and did not like cooking curries without it. This paste can be used both in gravy and dry curries that required masala. […]

Homemade Instant Pongal Mix ~ Khichdi Mix

When I saw the themes for this month’s blogging marathon and read even mixes are accepted for kitchen basics, first thing that came to mind was pongal mix. I remembered Shubha’s pongal mix which she shared in one of the social networking groups. Yes, this again is a recipe from a social networking group! However, […]

Flax Seeds Peanuts Podi (Powder)

Today we start 37th edition of the blogging marathon. This month I am doing the first two weeks and for the first week, my theme is Kitchen Basics. According to the rules, it includes spice powders, homemade mixes and condiments, ready to use toppings and includes any dish that can complement another dish but cannot […]

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