Lightroom – How to Export Images

After editing images in Lightroom (LR), it is time to share the images either online or print the images. Today’s tutorial is about exporting images to share online or for printing. Before getting into today’s topic, here are the tutorials from the last two days. Day 1: Introduction to Lightroom – Library Module & Develop […]

Lightroom – How to Edit Food Photos in Lightroom

There are many online tutorials for editing photos in Lightroom (LR) but very few on editing food photos. When I first started using LR, it was a challenge. I was clueless what I was doing. Then I found some LR tutorials by Anthony Morganti. These tutorials are not for food photos but learnt a lot […]

Lightroom Tutorial Part 1 – Introduction

My theme for this week is a special theme and I chose to do a tutorial on Lightroom. In fact, Valli added this theme just because I said I would do a tutorial if there is such a theme for Blogging Marathon (BM). Thanks Valli, for including this theme. If not for BM, I would […]

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