Ensalada de Pallares ~ Lima Beans Salad for Food of the World

Lima beans salad is a simple and easy salad prepared with dry lima beans. Pairs well with grilled food and a wonderful picnic salad. What is Food of the World Food of the world is an event started by Diane. It is an virtual party and every month we explore the cuisines of different countries. […]

Day 6 – Falafel

Today’s starter is falafel, a famous street food from the middle east. Falafel are chickpeas and/or fava beans fritters which are served in a pita bread, with a salad or served as it is as a snack. I made these for the first time  and Srivalli was my inspiration for this preparation. For the past […]

Poori, Pitla and Tomato Shorva

Every Saturday morning, it is always, Pooris for Breakfast, Honey? To go with the pooris, it is either tomato shorva or chicken shorva. A few weeks ago, I was on phone with my sister-in-law.  We talked about my blog and then she asked what we had for lunch. When I told her what we had […]

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