Vegan Penne Pasta with Mushrooms & Spinach

Vegan penne with mushrooms & spinach is a one pot meal and a one pot dish. Mushrooms, spinach and penne pasta are all cooked together to make this yummilicious meal. My theme for this week’s blogging marathon is one pot dishes. I will be posting 3 one pot dishes all three days, starting today. The […]

Mushroom Tofu Sandwich Wrap

Tortilla in Spanish means small torta or small cake. Tortillas were originally made with corn flour and nowadays even wheat flour tortillas are equally popular. It is said that exiled Spanish Jews did not consider cornmeal to be kosher and made tortillas with wheat flour. Tortillas are similar to roti or chapathi. These are a […]

Glazed Shitake Mushrooms with Bok Choy

Every Wednesday, New York Times has a food & dinning section where they talk about food, restaurants and share recipes. This past Wednesday’s edition was “The United States of Thanksgiving” and had numerous recipes. One of the recipes that piqued my interest is this glazed shitake mushrooms with bok choy. I had initially planned on […]

Spaghetti with Lemon Sauce

For this week’s three day blogging marathon # 46, my theme is lemons. I will be posting 3 days of lemon recipes. For the first day I have very easy, quick and yummy pasta. Spaghetti is cooked until al dente, tossed in lemon sauce and served hot with or without any vegetables. The first time […]

Xalapa – Enfrijoladas ~ Tortillas dipped in Bean Sauce

Just like W, there is no country starting with alphabet X. The exception for X is similar to that of W. We can do a region or a city starting with these letters but we cannot repeat that country for the alphabet it starts with. I am doing X for Xalapa, Mexico. According to the […]

Ukrainian Vushka

Today we travel to Eastern European nation of Ukraine that has been in the news a lot lately. Ukraine was part of USSR and hence the cuisine and culture is similar to that of Russia. Vushka (Voosh-kah) is popular in both Russian and Ukraine. Vushka is a mushroom and onion dumplings. Vushka means tiny ears […]

Czech Republic – Houbova Polevka Myslivecka ~ Hunter’s Mushroom Soup

Today we are traveling to Central Europe to Czech Republic for some Czech cuisine. Czech Republic was formed in 1993 when Czechoslovakia dissolved into Czech Republic and Slovakia. For the taste of Czech food, I chose a soup that is prepared with mushrooms, onion and bacon. I do not know why it is called Hunter’s […]

Mushroom Spinach Cigars for Home Bakers Challenge

For the month of May, Rafeeda challenged us to bake some Arabic treats for Home Bakers Challenge. She gave us a choice of both sweet and savory bakes. When I first saw the list, I decided on baking the crunchy sesame seed cookies. But in the last minute changed my mind and picked a savory […]

Ham Mushrooms Cheese Puffs

For the second day of evening snacks, I have ham mushrooms cheese puffs from Puff Pastry website. I tweaked the recipe a little to my taste. The puffs were tasty but felt I could have added a little more spice. Ham is salty and I did not feel the need to add any salt to […]

Tandoori Mushrooms & a Tribute to Tarla Dalal

Last Wednesday I woke to the news that Tarla Dalal was no more. Tarla Dalal is India’s Julia Childs in vegetarian cooking. She started her career conducting cooking class from her apartment in Mumbai in mid 1960’s and published her first cook in 1974. She went on to write many cook books since then. I […]

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