New York Style Pizza

For the last day of three days of region cuisine, I have a NY style pizza. My plan was to do NY hot dog but had to change the dish as there were no takers for it. When I decided to do the pizza, I didn’t realized the dough needs to be proofed/fermented for at […]

New York Cheese Cake

For the second day of New York cuisine, I have the popular New York cheesecake. And I made the Junior’s version of the cake!! If you haven’t tasted it, you should try Junior’s cheesecake next time you are in New York city. It is one of the best cheesecakes in town. After I decided on […]

Nuts 4 Nuts Roasted Peanuts

For this month’s blogging marathon, I opted to blog in last two weeks of the month. This week my theme is regional cuisine and picked New York cuisine or food from New York. For day one, I have a street food from New York City. If you visited New York City, you probably must have […]

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