Indian Cooking Challenge: Sarvapindi ~ Ginnappa

Sarvapindi or Ginne appa is a rice flour pancake popular in Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh. I never heard or saw my cousins or aunts from Andhra region talk or prepare this pancake. So I am assuming this is from Telangana region of the state. It gets the name Sarvapindi or ginne appa based on […]

Tomato Onion Pachadi

This is a versatile chutney that goes well with idli, dosa, vada and rice.  Today, I served this with vada.  I named it tomato onion pachadi because my mom and aunts make this chutney without onion.  Only after marriage, I saw my athamma  adding onion to tomato pachadi.  Hence, I named it tomato onion pachadi. […]

Idli & Peanuts Chutney

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day yet, that is the most neglected in my house. U doesn’t eat breakfast and I just munch on some junk. Lately, instant oatmeal and cream of wheat have become my saviors. They have become my favorite, not for their taste but for the ease of fixing […]

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