Pita Chips

Pita chips are wedges of pita bread baked in the oven. These crispy chips can be served with baba ganoush, hummus or any dips. One nice dip to serve these chips is with white beans dip. I made these chips to serve with baba ganoush. These chips are quick and easy to prepare in less […]


For day 6 of the marathon, it is Fattoush, a Lebanese bread salad. Pita bread is deep fried or oven baked, as I did, and added to the vegetables to make the salad. The magic ingredient for this salad seems to be Sumac, a spice from the Mediterranean. It supposedly has a lemony flavor and […]

Mini Marathon & White Bean Dip With Pita Chips

I am on a blogging marathon again, starting today.  This is a mini marathon, a week long marathon, Feb 9th – Feb 15th, with a theme.  My theme is starters and enjoy a virtual cocktail party, minus the cocktails, here at MySpicyKitchen and hop over to my blogging buddies for the main course and desserts!  […]

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