Chili Cilantro Mint Popovers

After a day’s rest we are back to our baking marathon. This week my theme is savory bakes. For the first bake in this series are popovers. Popovers are light; hallow bakes made with egg batter. I baked my first popovers, rosemary popovers last fall for one of the baking groups. One of my group […]

Spicy Petite Popovers

Few month ago I made rosemary popovers and both of us liked them. I made them again with various herbs and flavors. When I made those popovers, I bought a Nordic Ware petite popover pan. Today’s recipe came with that pan. I made this recipe couple of weekends ago when my 4 year old nephew, […]

Rosemary Popovers for Home Bakers Challenge

Popovers are airy, light, hallow rolls made with an egg batter and baked in muffin pans or popover pans. Popover pans are straight walled pans unlike muffin pans which are angled. Popovers can be served for breakfast with some jam, fruits or whipped cream or as an afternoon snack. It can also be served for […]

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