Saggubiyyam Vadiyalu ~ Sago Vadi ~ Tapioca Pearls Crisps

Vadiyalu are sun dried crisps, sundried lentil balls or patties made with either lentils, vegetables or rice. Name of the vadiyam (singular) starts with the ingredient used, followed by the word vadiyam. Today I have vadiyalu made with saggubiyyam/sago/tapioca pearl. Saggubiyyam is cooked with plenty of water until soft and seasoned to taste. Saggubiyyam are […]

Indian Cooking Challenge: Saggu Biyyam Murukulu

This month’s challenge is sagu biyyam (tapioca) muruku.  I almost forgot about the challenge,  until I saw Srivalli’s post yesterday.  I soaked the sagu right away and wanted to make it yesterday afternoon.  As I was going thru the recipe, I realized that I have to soak the sagu for 3 hours, not 30 minutes, […]

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