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Penne Pasta with Hot Italian Chicken Sausage

Few months ago I bought some pork sausage meat to make an appetizer to serve the guests I was expecting that day. I cooked the sausage and was going to assemble the snack after the guests arrived. Guests came late and I did not make the snack. Next day I made that into a curry…


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Peru – Garbanzo con Acelga ~ Chickpeas and Swiss Chard Stew

Today we are traveling to western South American country of Peru. Peru is home to ancient cultures and one of the oldest in the world. It was a Spanish colony until it got its independence in 1821. The capital is Lima. Mining, manufacturing, agriculture and fishing is the main economy of the country. The cuisine…


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Lentil Salad with Mozzarella Prosciutto

Today’s recipe is a salad from Williams-Sonoma Salads cookbook. In this recipe, cooked lentils are tossed with red wine vinegar dressing and served with prosciutto and fresh mozzarella cheese. To make it a bit meatier, I added some hot Italian sausage. The recipe called for French green lentils and these lentils look like whole masoor.…


Spicy sauteed sausages

Day 4 – Spicy Sauteed Sausages

Spicy sautéed sausages is U’s uncle’s signature recipe. Whenever he visits us and rest of the family in the US, he makes it at least once at each and every nephew and niece he visits and kids love it! Poor athamma (aunt) does all the cutting, sautéing, clean up after the cooking and mamayya gets…